Client Experience

To Boot New York
Airwalk Skate/Snow
Morey Boogie by Mattel
Hard Candy
Fetish Fragrance
Skyy Vodka
Cutty Sark Scots Whiskey
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
John Paul Mitchell Systems
Unite Hair Care
Michael M Haase
Bob's Big Boy

Past Is Presented

Richard Dirk is better known for his creative contributions during the rise of the Lambesis Agency with Creative Director Owner Chad Farmer. It was there he developed skills for brand development, conceptual thinking, storyboards and execution of big ideas. Putting these assets to use, he embarked on a journey of freelancing and embraced the hair care industry. Richard served as an in-house Art Director/Photographer for Robert Cromeans (Global Creative Director for JPMS) during the salon expansion period. Seeking a new challenge, Richard accepted the product design and re-launch of Unite Hair Care. Catapulting Unite Hair Care to premium status within their category, their success became his case study and empirical proof of his said talents. It’s with great pleasure we share a portion of his works.